Frequently Asked Questions

What are the notification mechanisms you support?

Email, Slack Notifications, Webhook Notifications

How to Configure Slack Webhooks?

Configure an Incoming Webhook at Slack Use the "Webhook URL" from the above configuration in the format and configure it at User Settings > "Webhook URL" and set the "Webhook Type" to Slack
Refer here for a detailed guide on how to create a new Incoming Webhook URL

Show me the code!

The code is open source

I want a different type of Notification. How do I?

You can use Zapier like services to consume the notification and send it to your own target service
Alternatively, you can also email us at for your feature request.

How can I use Generic Webhooks?

You can use Generic Webhooks to get notifications to your own applications. You can use Zapier service to configure custom endpoints. We send webhook data in JSON.

How to use Webhooks with Zapier?

Zapier has a guide for using webhooks.
There are some Zaps as well

Can I get Email Notifications to a different email?

Yes, Go to User Settings to configure your email address we need to send the email to. We typically ignore sending emails to since they bounce.

Why am I not receiving emails with diffs even though I configured everyday?

If the application does not changes in the repositories you are tracking, we skip sending the email.

You can see/validate the recent checks made by the application at /changes

Drop an email at

Do you have browser extensions to track GitNotify?

We currently only support Chrome extension (source code)
Feel free to contribute for Opera/IE/Safari/Firefox. Drop an email to

Reach us

Drop an email at

How do I Stop all notifications?

Click on the 'Disable all Notifications' in User Settings field or drop an email to us